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About Houston Coffee Exchange

Richard George founded Houston Coffee Exchange in 1974 as an office coffee service. In 1982 the company expanded into roasting operations and continued to grow their distribution arm with a heavy concentration in foodservice regionally throughout Texas and the Southwest. In 2011 the company spun-off its distribution arm in order to expand its rapidly growing and stable roasting operation. At the core of Houston Coffee Exchange is a senior management team with an average of 27 years of roasting and distrubtion knowledge and experience.  The production teams have had the opportunity to work with over 60 different stypes of brewing machines, bringing a unique perspective that few roasters in the industry can claim. In addition to senior management's experience and knowledge are two core principles; quality of coffee blends and year round consistency.

Houston Coffee Exchange contracts directly with coffee farms and mills in key coffee producing regions such as Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala and Africa . These relationships lead to a critical competitive advantage which is the ability to procure raw materials in even the harshest supply demand markets. We have worked hard over the years to set quality guidelines with our suppliers ensuring that we are able to maintain year round consistency and availability of our coffee. 

In addition to our relationships with suppliers, another key focal point for our organization is our Quality Assurance Program. We cup each individual batch that we roast to compare flavor profiles against retained samples fro previous batches to ensure that we are meeting the consistency and quality of previous batches. At each point in our manufacturing process, from the minute the raw materials land on our dock, through roasting and packaging we are constantly testing the blends to make sure that they are meeting our QA standards by SCAA.

Our Roast Masters have engrained into our production teams the demands that are necesary for sourcing and delivering excellent consistent coffee, developing the processes and demands into a culture that lives on through our people and our processes. This culture is the foundation of our products and is the pride of the taste experience that goes into every cup of our coffee that you enjoy.

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    Houston Coffee Exchange
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