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Coffee Roasting Overview

Roasting Philosophy

Our philosophy of creating blends that are balanced and consistently excellent, lies within the practice of building blends that have at least 5 coffee origins. This allows Houston Coffee Exchange to have the flexibility of a suitable substitute for each origin should the crop vary in flavor or availibility and to vary the blend makeup to match the harvest times and freshness as a constantly moving recipe and formula without affecting the final flavor. 

Production Capability

Houston Coffee Exchange currently with annual output of just under 12.3 mm pounds of coffee.

  • Roasting machines
    • Jabez Burns 23R
    • Probat
    • Jubilee
  • Batch size: 500 lbs.
  • Yield at 82%: 410 lbs.
  • Batches per hour: 3
  • Lbs/Hour: 1,230
  • Lbs/Shift: 9,840
  • Lbs/Day: 19,680
  • Lbs/Month (26 days): 511,680
  • Lbs/Year 6,140,160

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    Houston Coffee Exchange
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